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•  November 4-6, 2015 - WSFGC Holiday Show, Red Lion, Olympia

•  November 11, 2015 - Issaquah Garden Club Meeting at 10 a.m. Tibbetts Creek Manor. Program: Alan Haywood will share his techniques of
   Pruning Magic.

•  IC&RC - November 23, 2015 Thanksgiving Centerpieces.

•  IC&RC - December 21, 2015 Christmas Centerpieces.

•  June 7-10,2016 WSFGC Convention - ELWD will sponsor the 2016 Convention to be held at Embassy Suites at Eastgate.



•   "Nature into Art"  A Small Standard Flower Show. was held May 14th 2014 at Tibbetts Creek Manor, Issaquah.  The floral designs entered for competition by both novices and designers. We had beautiful and well maintained Horticulture  grown by club members. Educational Exhibits were on display.


•   The August 17th 2012  Issaquah Garden Club Garage Sale was a success, under the leadership of Michele Peltenon.  We made over $800.
     Thanks to Joan Harris for letting us use her yard for the Garage Sale. 

• Issaquah Garden Club Event of June 13, 2012:

"Summer on the Move"  a Small Standard Flower Show was held at the Issaquah Library, 10 West Sunset Way, Issaquah on June 13, 2012.   It was opened to the public from 1:00 to 6:00 PM and free of charge.  


    Viewed were horticulture entries grown by club members as well as floral designs entered for competition by club members.   There were "Dancing Displays" of Perennials and Trees and Shrubs that appeared to be "Sailing in the Wind".  The "Summer Fun" of design included competition categories like "Walking on Sunshine", "Strolling in the Garden", "Enjoying Cool Treats", "Spotting Lightning Bugs", and  featured entries in a  summer activities category of "Basking in the Sunshine"  sun visors with floral motifs.     Educational Exhibits taught us about noxious and invasive plants as well as motivating our youth to garden.