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Issaquah Garden Club was formed in November 1928 and is one of the oldest garden clubs in the state. They participated in their first town clean-up in April 1929 and held their first flower show in June 1929. Members today still continue to contribute and participate in several civic development projects in Issaquah and the surrounding community. We are a 501c3 not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization.

 The Issaquah Garden Club promotes the National Garden Club objectives on a local level:

Amateur Horticulture & Floral Designs – encourage members in the study and practice of horticulture and design.

Civic Development – make permanent improvements for public benefit, e.g., landscape public buildings.

Conservation – assist in projects to conserve Natural Resources (watershed, erosion control, re-forestation, wildlife, nature study, birds, butterflies, pollution, trees, etc.).

Conservation Teachers Scholarships – provide scholarships for teachers interested in advanced training in environmental fields; administered by the WSFGC with the assistance of the US Forest Service and the Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education.

Education – provide workshops/programs on horticulture, flower arranging, conservation, landscaping, etc.

Environmental Awareness – encourage clean air, water and land through proper use and disposal of toxic products, landscaping for air purification and noise control.

Garden Therapy – Active: garden related activities with handicapped and/or institutionalized individuals; and Sedentary: centerpieces, etc. made for such groups.

Litter, Reclamation & Recycling – promote recycling of home and yard waste; and prevention and control of litter.

Operation Wildflower – work with Bellevue Botanical Garden to maintain its wildflower/native plants garden.

Scholarships – provide scholarships for young people planning to become horticulturists, landscape designers, forest rangers, botanists, etc.

World Gardening – club may contribute to CARE, Heifer Project International (HP) or Plant a Row for the Hungry.

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